Fisher Digital Positioner

Fisher No. DVC6000

the Fisher FIELDVUE DVC6000 Series Digital Valve Controller It is a communicating, microprocessor-based electro-pneumatic instrument. In addition to the traditional Function to convert current signal into pressure Signal, DVC6000 series digital valve controller, use HART communication protocol for easy access Information essential to the operation of the process. this is OK Use Model 275 HART Communicator in Valve or field junction box, or use personal Computer or system console in the control room. Using HART communication protocol, information can be Integrate into the control system or receive Single cycle basis.

Available Configurations
DVC6010: Sliding-stem applications
DVC6020: Rotary applications and long-stroke sliding-stem applications
DVC6030: Quarter-turn rotary applications
DVC6000 Series digital valve controllers can be mounted on Fisher and other manufacturers rotary and sliding-stem actuators




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